The raw materials for the solar panels fell

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After three consecutive weeks of stability, the price of silicon material showed the biggest decline in the year, the price of single crystal compound injection and single crystal dense material fell more than 3% month on month, and the downstream installed demand is expected to increase!
After the upstream silicon material and silicon wafer price cuts, the component price fell to below 2 yuan for a single watt.According to multiple market shows that the current price of single watt is about 1.9 yuan, and on December 8, in the winning candidate of photovoltaic module procurement project in 2021, the price of 1.84 yuan / W has appeared.

On December 1, at the 6th Photovoltaic Innovation Conference 2021 hosted by the Photovoltaic Industry Network, Zhang Xiaobin, executive vice president of Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association, said that with the release of silicon production capacity, component prices will gradually callback, and the shortage of inverter will be alleviated. He predicted that the total installed capacity will be greatly increased in 2022!With the implementation of electricity reform, industrial and commercial projects have become hot spots.
On October 11, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a Notice on Further Deepening the Market-oriented Reform of coal-fired Power Generation, canceling the sales price of industrial and commercial catalogues, which will fluctuate with the on-grid price of coal power.Industrial and commercial users can choose to enter the power market and buy electricity directly from power generation enterprises or power selling companies.Recently, State Grid and more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) under China Southern Power Grid announced the electricity price table for electricity industrial and commercial users in December 2021, and almost all the floating space of electricity prices during peak and peak hours was increased.
With the rise of industrial and commercial electricity prices, the yield of distributed photovoltaic projects began to rise increasingly. It is foreseeable that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, with the support of the promotion and electricity price reform of the whole county, the golden era of distributed photovoltaic has arrived!
For enterprises in high energy consumption industries, according to the current regulations, the electricity price level of electricity purchased by power grid enterprises should be 1.5 times the electricity purchase price of other users.At present, China strictly controls the blind expansion of high energy consumption enterprises, and the electricity cost of high energy consumption enterprises is rising. It is somewhat economical to choose to invest and install distributed photovoltaic for spontaneous use.
In the eastern region of China, such as Shandong Province, Hebei Province, Beijing City, Jiangsu Province and other places, relatively more enterprises are engaged in manufacturing, enterprises have many factories, great pressure on emission reduction, and the willingness to invest in the installation of distributed photovoltaic will be stronger.

From the commercial point of view, large enterprises and factories, supermarket chain, and private enterprises all have advantages in roof resources.Most of these companies are big consumers, and a reasonable use of roof energy would be a potentially huge asset.In addition, the housing property rights of this kind of enterprises can generally reach the use right of more than 20 years, which is more suitable for the development of megawatt or larger roof power stations, which not only solves the electricity problem for enterprises, but also makes a great contribution to the social, economic and environmental protection benefits.
Industrial and commercial roof is very suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power stations, mainly reflected in the following points:
1. Industrial and commercial roof area is large, which is a big idle resource of the company!It can be developed and utilized to give enterprises a more channel to increase their income, and the photovoltaic power station income is high.
2. Industrial and commercial electricity consumption is large, and electricity charges are expensive. After the installation of power stations, industrial and commercial users can use the power generation of photovoltaic power stations to reduce the electricity cost of enterprises. In addition, they can also adopt the mode of spontaneous use surplus electricity to sell the remaining electricity to the country and obtain a profit.
3. The state vigorously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, and many enterprises are facing pressure from energy conservation and environmental protection brands.Photovoltaic power generation is a clean energy. The installation of photovoltaic power stations can reduce carbon emissions, bring the reputation of green enterprises to enterprises, improve the influence of enterprises and enhance their corporate image, a high brand name card, why not?
4. Some economically developed cities have excessive electricity overload, resulting in electricity shortage!The installation of photovoltaic power stations can relieve power tension and reduce electricity pressure.
5. Good lighting, the industrial and commercial roof is generally far away from the residential areas, the surrounding light is not blocked, and the power generation efficiency is high!
6. The roof becomes strong and fashionable. The distributed photovoltaic power generation system built on the roof of industrial and commercial factories not only will not destroy the roof structure, but also can effectively reduce the direct sunlight borne by the roof, rainwater erosion, and increase the service life of the roof.

Post time: Dec-10-2021