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Inverter, also known as the power regulator, power regulator, is an essential part of the photovoltaic system.The most important function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into the AC power used by the home appliances. All the electricity generated by the solar panel can be exported through the treatment of the inverter.through the full-bridge circuit, generally adopts the SPWM processor through modulation, filtering, voltage promotion, etc., to get the sinusoidal AC system matching the lighting load frequency, rated voltage for the end users.With the inverter, a DC battery can be used to provide AC power for the appliance.

Solar AC power generation system consists of solar panels, charging controller, inverter and battery; solar DC power generation system does not include inverter.The process of converting the AC electric energy into the DC electric energy is called the rectification, the circuit that completes the rectification function is called the rectifier circuit, and the device that realizes the rectification process is known as the rectifier device or the rectifier.Correspondingly, the process of converting the DC electric energy into the AC electric energy is called the inverter, the circuit that completes the inverter function is called the inverter circuit, and the device that realizes the inverter process is called the inverter equipment or the inverter.
The core of the inverter device is the inverter switch circuit, simply the inverter circuit.The circuit completes the inverter function through the on and off of the power electronic switch.On-off of power electronic switching devices requires certain driving pulses, which may be regulated by changing a voltage signal.The circuits that generate and regulate pulses are commonly called a control circuit or a control circuit.The basic structure of the inverter device, in addition to the above-mentioned inverter circuit and the control circuit, also has a protection circuit, output circuit, output circuit, output circuit and so on.

Centralized inverter is generally used in systems with large photovoltaic power stations (> 10kW). Many parallel photovoltaic clusters are connected to the DC input of the same centralized inverter. Generally, large power uses three-phase IGBT power module, small power uses field effect transistors, and use DSP conversion controller to improve the quality of the electric output energy, making it very close to the sinusoidal wave current.The biggest feature is the high power and low cost.However, due to the matching of the photovoltaic group series and the partial shading, it leads to the efficiency and power capacity of the whole photovoltaic system.At the same time, the power generation reliability of the whole photovoltaic system is affected by the poor working state of a certain photovoltaic unit group.The latest research direction is the modulation control of spatial vectors, as well as the development of the topological connections of new inverters to obtain high efficiency in partial load cases.On the SolarMax (SowMac) centralized inverter, a photovoltaic array interface box can be added to monitor each series of photovoltaic panel series. If a set of them does not work properly, the system will transmit the information to the remote controller, and it can stop the series through remote control, so as not to cause the failure to reduce and affect the work and energy output of the whole photovoltaic system.

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