Advantages of rooftop photovoltaic power generation

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Roof distributed photovoltaic power generation has well solved the problems of land occupation and not flexible application form.The so-called distributed photovoltaic power generation on the roof refers to the photovoltaic power generation project built on the roof of buildings, users can use their own use, excess power on the Internet.

Compared with centralized photovoltaic power generation, distributed power generation has flexible application forms and diversified development modes.If the roof of the building is open and the long sunshine time is long and connected to the grid, there is no need to transport data and manpower over a long distance. spontaneous self-use and surplus amount can be supplied nearby, which can be widely used in industrial and commercial roofs and residential roofs, through the effective use of roof resources and public facilities systems that meet the load requirements.In other words, roof distributed photovoltaic power generation is easier to enrich the “contacts”, so it is a more comprehensive and efficient way of power generation.

However, in the past, due to cost and technology reasons, China’s distributed photovoltaic power generation developed slowly and failed to achieve large-scale commercial application.In recent years, with the reduction of kilowatt-hour cost, the gradual maturity of technology and the strong policy support, the proportion of distributed photovoltaic power generation has been continuously increasing.

In the context of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, all provinces and cities across the country have issued pilot plans to comprehensively promote the development of distributed photovoltaic roofs throughout the county, and rural roofs have become a hot and precious resource.

Recently, Hebei Gaojing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. undertook some roof photovoltaic projects, here for you to sort out how different rural roof installation of photovoltaic installation forms.Cement roof usually we take the cement pier as the base part of the support, adjust the size of the cement pier according to the load capacity of the roof, will not damage the waterproof roof, in order to make the photovoltaic bracket more firm we strengthen the support on both sides of the support, so that we can make the whole power station has strong wind resistance.Cement roof photovoltaic power station needs to adjust the best lighting angle according to the different geographical locations.

The overall photovoltaic power generation system contracted by the company is 3 years, photovoltaic module 10 years, power generation is guaranteed 25 years, and lifelong system monitoring service!

Post time: Oct-09-2021