Roofing photovoltaic of the just produced 530-watt solar panels

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Roof photovoltaic construction using 500w solar panels

Our company has just completed the 500-watt solar panel roof photovoltaic construction, using the solar panels produced by our company.

Solar energy is inexhaustible green environmental resources.Solar roof is also the most important part of residential buildings to receive sunlight.[1] In order to implement China’s promised energy conservation and emission reduction targets to the world, strengthen policy support for the new energy and economic strategy, and accelerate the application of solar photovoltaic technology in urban and rural construction fields, the relevant ministries and commissions of the state have launched a solar roof plan.

Solar roof plan focuses on trying to break through and solve the problems of insufficient integrated design ability of photoelectric buildings, low combination degree of photoelectric products and buildings, difficulty of photoelectric grid connection, and low market understanding.

Solar roof plan considering economic and social benefits, the current stage actively promotes the integration demonstration of solar roof, photovoltaic curtain wall and other photoelectric buildings in cities with developed economy and good industrial foundation; actively supports the development of off-grid power generation in rural and remote areas, implements power transmission to the countryside, and implements the national policy of benefiting the people.

The solar roof plan is to mobilize the development enthusiasm of all parties in society through demonstration projects and promote the implementation of relevant national policies.Strengthen the publicity of demonstration projects, expand influence, enhance market awareness, form a good social atmosphere for the development of solar photoelectric products, promote the implementation of on-line electricity price sharing policies, form policy synergy, enlarge policy effect; the important part of photoelectric building energy saving, energy promotion in new buildings, existing building energy saving transformation and urban lighting.

The solar roof policy limited demonstration projects must be greater than 50kW, that is, at least 400 square meters, which is difficult to participate, and qualified owners will focus on public and commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals and government.After considering the Ministry of Finance subsidy, the cost of measuring electricity can be reduced to 0.58 yuan / kWh.It is still unclear whether the photovoltaic on-grid electricity price can be given a premium on the thermal power online electricity price, but even if there is no premium, because the power generation cost is lower than the power grid sales electricity price, the owner still has the power to build photovoltaic projects to generate power for their own use, instead of purchasing electricity from the power grid.Moreover, local governments can expect additional subsidies and power generation costs to fall further.

Post time: Nov-09-2021